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Master MCAT Science in 24 Hours

+ Rapid MCAT Science Mastery Hour by Hour with 24 Chapters in 24 Hours
+ Comprehensive in-depth Relearn and Refresh of MCAT College-Level Courses
+ Rich-media Video, CBT Drills & Cheatsheets, with iPod MP3 & Printables
+ Developed and Narrated by Professors/Teachers not just a MD or MCAT Tutor
+ Enhanced Visualization and Multimedia not just Talking-Head Monologues
+ Newly Updated with Fresh Content and Interface

 MCAT General Chemistry in 24 Hours
MCAT General Chemistry
  1. 24-Chapters General Chemistry
  2. Comprehensive Deep Learning
  3. Prerequisite Review on Basics
  4. Closely Mirrored to AAMC's MCAT Topical Requirements
  5. Electronic Structure, Periodic Table, Bonding, Phases, Equilibrium, Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Solutions, Acids and Bases, and Electrochemistry.
  6. Multi-Modal Narrated Tutorials
  7. Feedback-based Drills with Randomizer & Score System
  8. Super-Condensed Cheat Sheets for Quick & Easy Exam Review

Video Tour | Table of Contents

 MCAT Physics in 24 Hours
MCAT Physics
  1. MCAT Specific Physics Course
  2. 24 Chapters with 24x Video, 24x Drills, 24x Cheatsheets, 24x MP3 for iPod & 24x Printables
  3. In-depth 24-Hour Course with No Pre-requisite Required
  4. Physics Basics, Mechanics, Waves, Sound, Fluids, Solids, Electromagnetism, Circuits, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Structure.
  5. Rich-media Learning with Narration and Visualization
  6. 1-2-3 with 1-Core Tutorial, 2-Problem Drill & 3-Cheatsheets
  7. Full Mastery in 24 Hours

Video Tour | Table of Contents

 MCAT Biology in 24 Hours
MCAT Biology
  1. Covers College Biology Course with MCAT Focus
  2. Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Human Anatomy & Evolution
  3. Rich-Media Video with Interactive Drills & Cheatsheets
  4. Textbook-less Visual Learning
  5. Closely Matches the Official MCAT Topical Requirements
  6. 24x MP3 for Mobile Learning & 24 Printables for Offline Reading
  7. Systematic Study One Hour Per Chapter in 24 Hours
  8. Master MCAT Biology the Rapid Learning Way

Video Tour | Table of Contents

 MCAT Organic Chemistry in 24 Hours
MCAT Organic Chemistry
  1. Comprehensive Organic Chemistry for MCAT
  2. Developed and Narrated by a Team of Organic Professors
  3. Organic Basics, Nomenclatures, Reactions, Mechanism, Spectroscopy & Biomolecules
  4. Rapid Organic Mastery Chapter by Chapter in 24 Hours
  5. 24x Video, 24x Drills, 24x Cheatsheets, 24x MP3 & 24 Printables for Visual and Auditory Learners
  6. The Most Relevant Orgo MCAT Course to AAMC's Topics
  7. Fast Track Immersion Study

Video Tour | Table of Contents

Why Rapid Learning's MCAT Courses ?

Look for rapid yet comprehensive in-depth study of MCAT subjects?
Solution: These are full 24-chapter course level course specifically designed for MCAT deep study, by our signature Rapid Learning system, not just an outline or quick review.

Tired of lengthy test-prep texts and talking-head lectures with no focus?
Solution: Forget static test-prep books. The best way to prepare the computer-based MCAT is to study the courses on-screen and practice on-screen. No more monologue teaching. Learn it the rich-media way with enhenced visulization and graphics for both visual and auditory learners.

How Can I Learn MCAT in 24 Hours?

01: Watch the Movies - 24 Core Concept Tutorials in Flash
02: Pratice the Drills – 24 Problem-Solving Games in Flash
03: Study the Cards – 24 Exam-Prep Cheatsheets in PDF

There are total of 24 lessons (topics) in each course, one lesson per hour with 30-minute on concept tutorial, 20-minute on problem drill and 10-min on cheat sheet. This will make up the 24 hours rapid e-learning on MCAT.

What's New in these MCAT Courses?

- Complete content review and bug fixing
- Added visualization for easier visual learning
- Reworked problem drills with a brand new interface
- Compliance with up-to-date MCAT requirements topic by topic

The Rapid Learning MCAT Series – The Easy and Rapid Way to Ace Your Next MCAT Exam!

Experience the difference and take a ride in our Preview Center.

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