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Smart Learning Weekly
Master DAT Science and Math in 24 Hours

The Question:
- Why rapid learning for DAT prep?

The Answers:
(1) Faster Learning and Better Memorization: Rapid learning via rich media will enable you to learn easier at an accelerated pace, and store onto the long-term memory (LTM) by integrating your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (VAK) learning channels. Unlike MCAT, fact-based DAT requires more rote memorization in sciences.
(2) The Most Relevant Contents: Rapid Learning DAT follows the official ADA topical requirements faithfully. No more using MCAT prep materials for DAT, where the two have different coverage, i.e. DAT has broader biology scope than MCAT.
(3) On-Screen Learning for the On-Screen Test: DAT is a computer-based test. Learn and practice the science and math via Rapid Learning. Train your mind to adapt the on-screen study and problem solving. No more old-style paper-based prep books or flash card-only review.
(4) Deep Study, Not Just High-Level Review: Re-learn each required topic comprehensively one chapter at a time, and leave no rock unturned. Prepare DAT powerfully as this is the last time you will take it. There are over 20% DAT retakers each year with 90-day waiting period. Don't be one of them. If you want to do better than the annual average DAT score of 17, the high-level review test-prep books will not cut it. Learn each math and science subject like you never learned them before. Rapid Learning starts with the pre-requisite and teaches the core content one chapter at a time, like the college courses.
(5) Complete Learning System: The Rapid Learning system is an integrated system with rich-media tutorials, interactive problem drills, super review cheatsheets, learning-on-the-go audiobooks and fully illustrated eBooks. No more ineffective audio-only learning package, flash cards, or video recorded monologue lectures or age-old software. Today's dental students are learning savvy and tech-smart.

The Features:
+ Rapid Science and Math Mastery Hour by Hour with 24 Chapters in 24 Hours, One Subject at a Time
+ Comprehensive in-depth Re-learn DAT's Required Courses
+ Rich-media Video, Interactive Drills & Cheatsheets, with iPod MP3 & Printables
+ Developed and Narrated by Professors/Teachers Who Teach the Courses Everyday
+ Enhanced Visualization and Multimedia not just Talking-Head Monologues

RL631-PL: DAT Mathematics
Dental Admission Test - Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning: Math
- Rapid Learning 24-Hour Series
, is a fast-track rich-media course to visually study (not just review) every math topic required for DAT.
  1. Comprehensive coverage of the algebra, numerical calculations, scientific conversions, probability and statistics, geometry and trigonometry.
  2. Step-by-step illustration in how to solve word problems in applied math.
  3. Developed and narrated by math educators.
  4. All math topics for quantitative reasoning test in one course.
  5. Rich media visual learning for rapid DAT exam preparation.

Platinum Contents:
- 24 Rich-Media Tutorials
- 24 Interactive Problem Drills
- 24 Super-Review Cheatsheets
- 24 Audio MP3 AudioBooks
- 24 Printable Mini-books

Video Tour | Table of Contents


 RL632-PL: DAT Biology
Dental Admission Test - DAT Biology

Survey of Natural Sciences: Biology
- Rapid Learning 24-Hour Series
, is a Rrapid Learning course to teach you all the biology topics required by ADA, broader coverage than MCAT Biology..
  1. Topic-by-topic coverage on cellular and molecular biology, diversity of life, structure and function of 11 human systems, developmental biology, genetics, evolution and ecology.
  2. One-to-one match to the official DAT topical requirements.
  3. Developed and narrated by college professors/educators
  4. Hour-by-hour, one-chapter-per-hour visual study in 24 hours.
  5. Rich-media visualization for rapid mastery.

Platinum Contents:
- 24 Rich-Media Tutorials
- 24 Interactive Problem Drills
- 24 Super-Review Cheatsheets
- 24 Audio MP3 AudioBooks
- 24 Printable Mini-books

Video Tour | Table of Contents


RL633-PL: DAT General Chemistry
Dental Admission Test - DAT General Chemistry

Survey of Natural Sciences: General Chemistry
- Rapid Learning 24-Hour Series
, is a rich media course at an accelerated pace with the visual understanding at the molecular level.
  1. Comprehensive coverage of the traditional one-year curriculum at university level.
  2. One-to-one match to the official DAT topical requirements.
  3. Basic chemical skills, stoichiometry, gases, liquids, solids, solutions, acids and bases, chemical equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics, electrochemistry, atomic structures, chemical bonding, periodic table and properties, nuclear reactions and laboratory.
  4. Developed and narrated by chemistry professors/educators.
  5. 24 chapters of visual learning, one chapter per hour study.
  6. Online, DVD and MP3 for iPod

Platinum Contents:
- 24 Rich-Media Tutorials
- 24 Interactive Problem Drills
- 24 Super-Review Cheatsheets
- 24 Audio MP3 AudioBooks
- 24 Printable eBooks

Video Tour | Table of Contents


 RL634-PL: DAT Organic Chemistry
Nursing School Entrance Exams - Physics

Survey of Natural Sciences: Organic Chemistry
- Rapid Learning 24-Hour Series
, is a rapid course for rapid mastery of organic chemistry via visual learning.
  1. Complete coverage of DAT official required topics, comparable to one-year curriculum.
  2. Hydrocarbons, aromatics, functional groups, stereochemistry, conformation, reactions, mechanisms, organic analysis, nomenclature and acid-base chemistry.
  3. Developed and narrated by organic professors/educators.
  4. Hour-by-hour, one-chapter-per-hour study in 24 hours.
  5. Rich-media visualization for easy and rapid mastery of ochem.
  6. Online access, DVD, & MP3 for any MP3 player.
  7. 24 Cheatsheets for super review

Platinum Contents:
- 24 Rich-Media Tutorials
- 24 Interactive Problem Drills
- 24 Super-Review Cheatsheets
- 24 Audio MP3 AudioBooks
- 24 Printable eBooks

Video Tour | Table of Contents


Is Rapid Learning for me?

Looking for rapid yet comprehensive in-depth study of DAT science and math subjects?
Solution: These are full 24-chapter courses designed for university-level study, by our signature Rapid Learning system. If you have been away from those core science and math courses for more than 12 months, you need more than just a review or outline. You must RE-LEARN the subjects rapidly and visually - that is what Rapid Learning empowers you to achieve.

Tired of lengthy test-prep texts and talking-head lectures with no depth?
Solution: Forget static test-prep books. The best way to prepare these exams is to deep-study all required courses comprehensively topic by topic via a fast-track system such as Rapid Learning. No more monologue teaching. Learn it the rich-media way with enhanced visualization and graphics for both visual and auditory learners.

Is this another flash-card system or audio-only course?
Answer: No, for in-depth study of sciences and math, just flash cards or audio alone will not do the job. Go rich-media! These are visual tutorials developed and narrated by science and math professors, powered by the same technology as YouTube. Furthermore, instead of flash cards, we provide at-a-glance cheat sheets, one per chapter, with 24 cheatsheets for 24 chapters in a course. We also provide a master cheatsheet for the entire course for test-prep super review and memorization keys. As to the audio, we use MP3 only for supplemental learning to visual learning, each MP3 also comes with a printable mini-book. It is a complete study system to maximize your learning effectiveness.

How Can I Learn It in 24 Hours?

Simply put, the smart teaching, plus rich media, combines with the state-of-the-art learning platform in a way that radically speeds up the pace of learning and eases the learning curve on the difficult subjects such as science and math, via a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Watch the Movies - 24 Core Concept Tutorials in Flash
Step 2: Practice the Drills – 24 Problem-Solving Games in Flash
Step 3: Study the Cards – 24 Exam-Prep Cheatsheets in PDF

There are a total of 24 hourly lessons (chapters) in each course, one lesson per hour with 30-minute on core tutorial, 20-minute on problem drill and 10-minute on cheat sheet. Don't study non-stop for more than 8 hours. Space out each core hour of study, with 2-4 hours focus learning in a day. Plan ahead according to your own schedule.

To cap it all, you also receive 24x MP3 AudioBooks for your iPod or any MP3 player for enhancement study and on-the-go learning. Optionally, you can also print all the video tutorials out into a set of 24 mini-books for your offline reading.

Rapid Learning is not a cram course. The success in DAT requires a scheduled plan well ahead of time, focused strategy on your weaknesses and methodical execution of a DAT-specific study system. Cramming does not work for a massive exam like this.

Accelerate your DAT test-prep with combined auditory-visual learning, along with hands-on practice.

Rapid Learning – The powerful and rapid way to ace your Dental Admission Test!

Smart Learning Weekly
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